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The Stavrou Method is a health and wellness program designed to challenge novice, intermediate and advanced level customers. A holistic program incorporating components to improve mental, physical and spiritual wellness, The Stavrou Method is a balanced approach to improving overall health and well-being.

The Stavrou Method is a health and fitness program with a holistic philosophy. Developed by personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant, George Stavrou, it is designed to combine several elements together to create a healthy lifestyle.


Chapters on weight and cardiovascular training, nutrition and supplements encourage proper care for the body. Chapters on rest and recovery address proper care for the mind and spirit. Furthering the method's holistic approach, customers receive more than just a book. The package includes 11 ebooks (including a recipe book), online videos, daily email reminders, and a private area on the website for additional support. This complete package allows the user to access lessons and helpful tips through a variety of media. Daily email reminders encourage adherence to the system and provide helpful tips, depending on what stage of the program a person is at.


The program is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level is 12 weeks long and is divided into four-week periods. Levels can be repeated and the user will still experience results. The Stavrou Method is flexible, allowing people to deviate from the program a day per week or for special occasions, without making the client feel guilty or ashamed. The focus is improving one's overall well-being, which includes treating one's self occasionally.


George Stavrou's first book, "How To Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In 12 Weeks: A Guide For Beginners!" was a best-selling book on in 2002. Building on the same principles, Stavrou has developed "The Stavrou Method", a system that suits people of all levels, from beginner and intermediate to advanced. The Stavrou Method guides people in healthy living, proper nutrition, rest and recovery, fat loss and weight control.

Who the program is designed for

The Stavrou Method is designed to benefit any person who wants to improve their fitness and overall wellbeing. People who rarely exercise are recommended to start at the beginner level, while fitness enthusiasts may go straight to the advanced program. A questionnaire is included in the package to help individuals determine the appropriate program for them to begin with.


Where The Stavrou Method is available
The Stavrou Method is available online at The program, including 11 e-books, 85 different online videos and daily email reminders, is available for just $97, plus taxes.


Who developed the program
George Stavrou developed The Stavrou Method, drawing on his expertise as a personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management consultant, and holistic health and wellness coach. To ensure a well-informed holistic philosophy, Stavrou sought expert advice from a team of medical and fitness professionals:

- John Paul Catanzaro is a certified kinesiologist and professional fitness and lifestyle consultant. He developed the exercise programs found throughout The Stavrou Method

- Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale is a specialist in nutritional supplements and recuperative sleep. He developed the supplement hierarchy for our program as well as contributed in the area of nutrition.

- Dr. Eric Serrano is a specialist in sports medicine. His contributions to the program include nutrition and performance enhancement.

- Dr. Larry Baker is a family physician. His contributions to the program guide the user through proper steps for health assessment and information on necessary tests to have done if at risk.

George Stavrou believes in 'paying it forward'. To make a positive global impact, 20 per cent of The Stavrou Method sales will go toward local health and education institutions. The first $100,000 of donations will go to:
- Centennial College (the School of Community and Health Studies and the School of Communications, Media and Design)
- York University (Faculty of Health)
- The Scarborough Hospital Foundation
- the YMCA of the Greater Toronto Area.
These philanthropic contributions aim to achieve physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing in Stavrou's local community, beginning with four organizations that have greatly impacted his own personal development and wellbeing over the years. Each organization is to receive equal parts of the charitable donation, totalling $25,000 each.

The Scarborough Hospital
When Stavrou's father fell ill, he went to The Scarborough Hospital for treatment. The staff took outstanding care of him, ensured he was comfortable in his dying days, and provided emotional support for Stavrou in these trying times.

York University, Faculty of Health
York University is Stavrou's alma matter. He supports the Faculty of Health in particular because their philosophy on healthcare aligns with his own. Their shared goals are to educate health leaders of tomorrow, and to promote illness prevention, rather than focusing primarily on treatment.

Centennial College
Stavrou is an alumni of Centennial College. He supports Centennial College's School of Community and Health Studies because their philosophy on healthcare aligns with his own. He also supports the School of Communications, Media and Design. Students at the Centre for Creative Communications are developing their professional portfolios while helping Stavrou develop communications and branding material for The Stavrou Method.

YMCA of the Greater Toronto Area
The YMCA creates opportunities for children and youth to be active and social. Its programming teaches children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, building the foundation for their becoming healthy adults. This approach is in line with Stavrou's philosophy of promoting healthy living as a method of illness prevention. He shares the goal of influencing people's attitudes and behaviours towards their health.

Global Impact
George Stavrou developed this program to promote healthy living and to create a positive impact in the global community. His philanthropic goals begin the global impact on a local scale. Stavrou seeks to impact people's attitudes and behaviours towards their health through education.

Changing behaviours in favour of healthy living will work towards Stavrou's goal of promoting prevention rather than focusing primarily on treatment. Stavrou believes that if more people are aware of the resources available to live a healthier lifestyle, fewer people will become ill.

Stavrou is thankful to all the people and organizations he has learned from and developed through when he was young. His charitable donations aim to create opportunities for youth of today and tomorrow to learn and develop as he did.

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George Stavrou
Creator of The Stavrou Method