Key Messages

The Stavrou Method Key Messages

Key Messages

The Stavrou Method is a balanced approach to improving overall health and wellbeing; it is a holistic program incorporating components to improve mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

The Stavrou Method emphasizes the importance of prevention over treatment. It is based on the theory that many of today's health issues are a product of environment and behaviour, and can therefore be prevented by controlling our environment and adjusting our behaviour.

The Stavrou Method emphasizes the synergy between spiritual, mental and physical health. The system addresses health and wellness through nutrition, supplements, sleep and recovery; in combination with weight and cardiovascular training to achieve fat loss and weight control.

George Stavrou believes in 'paying it forward'. To make a positive global impact, 20 per cent of The Stavrou Method sales will go toward local health and education institutions

Stavrou aims to donate $100,000 to be split equally between the four beneficiaries he has chosen. The beneficiaries will be
- The Scarborough Hospital Foundation
- the YMCA of Greater Toronto
- York University (Faculty of Health)
- Centennial College (the School of Community and Health Studies & the School of Communications, Media and Design).
Using The Stavrou Method will contribute to your health and wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of others.