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Roy is a internet marketer and has been doing business online since 1997. Built his first website built from scratch with no skills or knowledge of what to do just did it. Over the past years wanting work with people and help them set up a successful business through the power of the Internet. He later joined a few affiliate programs testing everything out about internet marketing to see what really was working out for other business owners.

Within a few years he was getting the hang of what works and what doesn't. Then he heard about the need of a mailing list and started Instant Internet Newsletter along with his blog Internet Marketing & Money where he shares Internet Marketing and Making Money Articles, Tips and Strategies and much more that anyone can use in their online business.

He is a big believer in helping others sharing Internet marketing strategies and techniques on how to create more sales, generate web traffic video and mobile marketing and much more through writing articles on several different subjects guest bogging and submitting them to article directories all over the internet. He is no stranger to affiliate marketing, having spent numerous years as a newbie and a fast learner of creating a brand for himself which taught him the importance of being successful on the internet and has more than 15 years of experience in affiliate internet marketing.

Prior to starting his home business, Roy spent 13 years with a non-profit organization for individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries. In this role, Roy was responsible as President and Board member. Roy helps thousands of online newbies learn how to start their own home business and make money online. He offers a wide range of programs and services - from making money, to marketing and private label rights products.

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